We refurbish & retrofit all outdated packaging & bottling machinery, restoring them both electrically and mechanically with the latest technology and guaranteed workmanship. We offer a full back up service & off the shelf spare parts .

Labelling machines e.g. Cavagnino & Gatti, Krones, Kosme, OEM, BRB, PE/Ocea, Anker

Pressure fillers e.g. Seitz, Simonazzi, O&H, KHS

Vacuum & gravity fillers e.g. GAI, Filmatic, Federal

Capping machines e.g. Zalkin, Alcoa, Arol

Cap chutes

Cap unscramblers


We offer on-site mechanical maintenance, service & repairs on all filling and packaging equipment.

Customers in the FMCG industry need the assurance that their packaging operations are dependable, streamlined & operational 24/7. We therefore feel very strongly about the importance of maintenance on equipment in these operations.  Our customers expect a very high standard of workmanship & we pride ourselves in the back-up service, support & solutions we provide.

Preventative Maintenance:

We will visit & inspect your plant on a quarterly basis to prevent equipment issues before they become problems, saving you precious time & money.

Complete Bottling Plants

We offer planning advice, layout design, installation and commissioning of complete bottling plants.

  • We can supply complete filling and packaging lines to provide quality, cost effectiveness and excellent production performance.
  • Development of integrations on existing complete filling lines to increase production or for the introduction of new products or container sizes.
  • Delivering an efficient, personal service that is built around your specific requirements & to suit your production and marketing objectives.

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